Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is the surgery of the face, orbits, jaws and adjoining areas e.g. Tongue, palate, cheeks, floor of the mouth, teeth and tooth- bearing portion of the jaws.

No. A person suffering from diabetes mellitus(uncontrolled),Chronic kidney Disease patients, renal transplant patient ,organ transplant patient and those suffering from bone diseases should not go for dental implants.Those who cannot look after their own oral hygiene e,g,mentally retarded or challenged,handicapped rheumatoid arthritis patients should not have dental implants.

As long as you live.However a stringent and meticulous oral hygiene has to be maintained.

Nowadays the wiring of the teeth is not done and the patient can open the mouth and even eat semisolid diet to start with. After a couple of days the patient can eat normal diet.

An Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon is trained to treat fractures of the jaws and the facial skeleton viz. cheek bones or zygomatic complex, orbits (housing of the globe of the eye),floor of the orbits, NOE (Naso –orbito-ethmoidal) fractures which include the part of the forehead and area between the two eyes. The fractures of the jaws include the lower jaw fractures (mandibular symphysis, parasymphysis, and body, angle and condylar regions) and the upper jaw fractures (le Fort I, II, III). An Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon is trained to deal and treat jaw deformities like asymmetry of face, buck teeth deformity (protruded upper jaw, mandibular prognathism (protruded lower jaw), and anterior open bite and long face syndrome. These deformities can be treated by surgery or at times by distraction procedures. Oral cancer is prevalent in India and the maxillofacial surgeon with a background of oncologic training has the edge over other specialists. An oral & maxillofacial surgeon becomes most familiar with the oral tissues and procedures throughout his training period. Apart from these, dento-alveolar surgeries, repair of oro-antral communication, biopsy, surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth & other minor procedures are done by oral & maxillofacial surgeon.

Modern oral & maxillofacial surgery is carried out through the mouth or intra-orally in most of the cases.e.g, All jaw fractures are managed intra-orally .However major procedures like neck dissections ,salivary gland surgeries, reconstruction of the lower jaw require external approach.This is done in such a fashion that the scar is hidden in neck creases.