Services Provided

Oral Ulcers and Other Pre-Cancerous Lesions and Laser Ablation

Treatment of different kinds of ulcers of the mouth, white & red patches of the oral cavity, Leukoplakia, precancerous lesions. Dr. Chakrabarty has been treating cancer of the mouth, jaws, oral submucous fibrosis of the oral cavity successfully for last 30 years. Immediate reconstruction of the excised part of the maxillofacial skeleton & soft tissues employing procedures like free bone grafting, vascularised bone grafting, local flaps, transposition of temporalis flaps, nasolabial flaps, forehead flaps, pectoralis myocutaneous flaps, deltopectoral flaps etc, are the common techniques he employs. Treatment of post- surgery maxillofacial defect or developmental or acquired facial asymmetry employing ultramodern minimally invasive techniques like transport distraction, single vector and multivector distraction. Dr. Chakrabarty is also credited to have done extensive work on maxillo facial distraction. His recent achievement is maxillary distraction for facial asymmetry and retarded maxillary growth following cleft palate surgery. It is noteworthy that Dr. Chakrabarty is the pioneer in maxillary distraction in this country. Bone grafting or Guided Tissue Regeneration (GTR)using resorbable collagen membrane and bone substitutes in alveolar clefts (which majority of cleft palate patients require but are clueless), repair of oronasal fistula by bone grafting or using bone substitutes (which again most of the cleft palate patients require to stop regurgitation of food and saliva enter the nasal cavity and are clueless about whom to consult). This procedure will not only aid in future Le Fort osteotomy of the maxillae of the cleft patients but also prevent chronic rhinitis(inflammation of the nasal mucous membrane). Chronic oronasal fistula as a result of wearing of faulty upper denture can also be repaired without any problem. Distraction procedure for atrophic small segment residual ridge is also done with finesse by Dr.Chakrabarty. Dr.Chakrabarty has been doing laser ablation of Leukoplakia, Erythroplakia, Fibrous bands in ‘Submucous Fibrosis’.

Maxillofacial Traumatology

Trauma to the face as a result of road traffic accident, ordinary accidents and assault is a common and grave situation faced by the maxillofacial surgeon. If the patient has no head injury or cervical spine injury the maxillofacial surgeon attempts to restore the premorbid (pre-accident) facial architecture immediately. Dr. Chakrabarty has been dealing with hundreds of severe maxillofacial injuries like panfacial fractures, Le Fort fractures of maxilla, fracture of mandible, fracture of zygomatic complex with or without fracture of orbital floor, fracture of naso-ethmoid complex and naso-orbitofrontal complex for the last 30 years.

Temporomandibular Joint

Temporomandibular joint is another area that Dr. Chakrabarty has a vast experience about. Treatment of painful TM joints with or without clicking, limited mouth opening, internal derangement of TMJ, Subluxation and habitual dislocation or locking are dealt by Dr. Chakrabarty both by surgery or conservative means. Dr. Chakrabarty has treated hundreds of ankylosis of TMJ with excellent lasting results.

Orthognathic Surgery

Disproportionate jaw size or underdeveloped and small sized jaw or facial asymmetry can be corrected by surgery.This requires experience, skill, proper evaluation by cephalometry and orthodontic help. There are various surgical methods by which jaw deformities can be corrected .For example a small lower jaw can be corrected by sagittal split osteotomy and genioplasty. A buck teeth deformity or protruded upper jaw and an attendant receding chin can be corrected by Le Fort I osteotomy and superior impaction resulting in autorotation of the lower jaw. Likewise a very large lower jaw can be corrected by sagittal split osteotomy or intra-oral subsigmoid oblique osteotomy. These procedures are done intra-orally (through the mouth), so there are no visible scars. Dr.Chakrabarty has, over the years, produced amazing results through orthognathic surgery. Apart from these Dr.Sekhar Chakrabarty deals with surgical removal of impacted wisdom teeth, intra-oral biopsy procedures, odontogenic or non odontogenic infections of the jaws and adjoining structures, odontogenic or non-odontogenic tumours of the jaws, Cysts, impacted canine teeth, reimplantation of exfoliated teeth, tratment of vascular tumours like haemangioma,arteriovenous malformation of the jaws. Dr.Chakrabarty also deals very skillfully with oral submucous fibrosis,a disease which is refractory to ordinary means of treatment.Countless number of patients of Oral submucous fibrosis had benefitted from his treatment. His mainstay of treatment is surgery e,g. coronoidectomy & buccal pad of fat insertion and in extreme cases temporalis transposition. Dr. Chakrabarty surpasses every professional colleague in the field of oral & maxillofacial surgery in the city of kolkata with respect to professional experience ,expertise and volume of variety of clinical work.